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Student's Book Headway John and Liz Soars OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS CONTENTS LANGUAGE INPUT Vocabulary Everyday 1 Getting to Tenses Using a. Page 1 Pre-Intermediate Student's Book John and Liz Soars New Headway: Pre-Intermediate Fourth Edition: Student's Book, , pages, Soars, Liz. Documents Similar To New Headway Pre-Intermediate 3rd New Headway - Pre-Inter Teachers Uploaded by. Fatma Tota. New Headway.

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New Headway Pre Intermediate Student Book Pdf

Pre-Intermediate. Teacher's Book. New. Hëadway. English Course. John and Liz Soars . It revises the grammatical input of the Student's Book and contains the. Fourth edition New Pre-Intermediate Student's Book John and Liz Soars .. Ireally 4_ _ __ New York, it's the center of the universe and it's very. New Headway Pre-Intermediate provides a syllabus progression from elementary to . New Headway Pre-Intermediate 2-edition Student's Book - ISBN .

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Jacque Rojas. Making connections at six o'clock What did you do last night? How many eggs? I'll pick it up for you. What's it like? Talking about towns Directions What's it like? What's Paris like? He wrote 47 novels. Word pairs How long have you lived there? Mingle - Find someone who Words that go together a prescription p69 You shouldn't drink coffee at night. What i f.

Russell showed them, He then went back to bed. The two men carried these got up the next day. His There he found two men. Russell also father said, 'I couldn't be They asked him his name, told them that his mother angry with Russell because he and told him they were kept her purse in a drawer in thought he was doing the friends of the family.

Russell even gave them Fortunately, the police believed them. They asked his pocket money - 50p. How do we form the question and negative? He woke up at 3. How is the past tense formed when the verb ends in a 1 Because he wanted to go to the toilet. Why did he wake up? When do we double the final consonant? There is a list of irregular verbs on p Grammar Reference 3. Making connections: Match the verb phrases.

Then make sentences using both verbs in the past. Join the sentences with so, because, and, or but. I broke a cup, but I mended it with glue. Talking about you 2 Ask and answer these questions with a partner. Make more questions, using the Past Simple. What did you do Kelly Harman 1 away Last Tuesday a on holiday, they man armed with 2 just a hot their teenage hamburger in a daughter alone in bag 1 the house.

However, Zoe National Bank at about 1. Things teller a note demanding started to go wrong. He claimed that guests arrived. They 3 he 4 a bomb in furniture, smashed windows, and stole the bag. The teller said she jewellery. Even so, she the news, they 5 home handed the money to the man.

He dropped the bag with immediately. He escaped in a car. Why is this tense used? As he was running out of the bank, 2 How do we make questions and negatives? Everyone was having a good time when suddenly What's the difference between them?

Practise the sentences that contain these phrases. I don't know how. It rain and it was cold, and my bed was so warm. Unfortunately, it began to rain.

Getting information Fortunately, I had an umbrella. Unfortunately, it was broken. Fortunately, I met a friend in his car. Unfortunately, his car ran out of petrol. Zoe was staying with friends. Zoe was staying Tell similar stories around the class.

Begin with these sentences.

Harman arrive home? At Where was Zoe staying? She was staying with friends. What do you learn from the story that you didn't to a radio play called The perfect crime. The perfect crime 4 Who is Kathy? Who is Bobby? Why ice Jackson's husband, Henry, was a man of habit. A So it was that at exactly six o'clock in the evemng she was in the kitchen getting a beer for him out of the tndge 7 How do you think she murdered him? She was smiling.

Today the routine was going to be 9 Why were all the policemen thirsty? Alice was looking forward to the evemng. She was very happy. She had a beautiful baby sleeping upstairs, a lovely home, and a husband who she adored. Henry opened the door and came into the kitchen. She turned round to kiss him and give him his beer.

Alice had no idea that in the next two minutes her whole life was going to change. But it's just that Kathy and I are in love. Bobby won't miss me, he's too young. She was in a dream. She walked into the living room. When she returned, Henry was standing with his back to her, drinking his beer She was carrying something heavy. He turned. At first he didn't move, then he fell to the floor. Suddenly Alice began to think very clearly.

New Headway Pre-Intermediate 3rd

She took the ice statue back to the living room, and phoned the police. Then she turned up the central heating, and went upstairs 3 She didn't know what he was going to tell to put on some make-up.

The police came quickly. Alice screamed. My Henry! Oh 5 She thought for a long time about how to Henry! Sergeant Taylor, get Mrs 8 Alice hid the murder weapon. Jackson a drink. A brandy with some ice. It's hot in this room. I hope you understand, Mrs Jackson, that What do you think?

We must find the murder weapon. Suddenly an arm fell off Alice was smiling. It was melting. Taylor went to the statue and picked up the melting arm.

He broke it into bits and put some into Alice's brandy. Can I have a glass of water, Mrs Jackson? It's so Do you think she got away with the murder? Language work Alice's friends arrived. Poor Henry! Be careful with the pronunciation. Help yourselves. The statue was now nearly a pool of water on the floor, walk pick hit try 'I wonder what the burglar hit him with,' said one guest. Alice heard this conversation, and smiled into her brandy.

They are used 3 We can make adjectives and verbs to form different parts of speech. There are some Complete the sentences, using a word spelling changes.

Noun Verb Noun Adjective pack possible agree tidy fair like appear employed legal polite communication co'mmunicate science dis'cuss friend 'govern 'happy invi'tation 'different de'velop 'danger ex'plain use edu'cation help de'cide 'special en 'joy care 'organize noise im'provement 'industry 1 Don't go into my bedroom.

It's really em 'ploy am'bition 2 I can't do maths. For me, it's an subject. I just prefer 1 My English a lot after I lived in London for a month. I want to be rich, and I want to be to ask someone 4 It's very famous. They aren't 6 I was for two years. Then similar at all. I got a job in an office. I think it's a good idea. I never saw understand his.

You must try it. There are lots of factories That's! What are they? Look at the same dates in written American English.

What's the difference? They are in British English. What days are national holidays in your country? I was born at two o'clock in the morning on Wednesday, the twenty-fifth of June, Continue around the class. A Yesterday I went shopping and I bought an apple. B Yesterday 1 went shopping and 1 bought an apple and some bread.

C Yesterday I went shopping and I bought an apple, some bread, and a car. D Yesterday It is Saturday morning, and Sarah has written a shopping list. V It says here milk. How much milk do we need? S Two pints. V And eggs? S A dozen. V And what about potatoes? How many potatoes? S A kilo's enough. V And butter? How much? S Just one packet. Can we count eggs one egg, two eggs? When do we say How much? When do we say How many? V Do we need anything else? S Let's have a look.

And there isn't any We use S Well, I can see a few carrots, a few but there aren't many onions. The rules are the same as for some and any. I think that's any exercise 3. Let's go! By the way, how much money have you got? Grammar Reference 4.

Just half a dozen. Two or three. He's a millionaire. Half a spoonful. Ask and answer 5 Complete the sentences with the correct word. I met. There's in my eye! I looked , but I couldn't find them. I didn't have any money.

I want interesting to read, or interesting to talk to, or interesting to go. Listen and check. Town survey 6 Work in groups. Talk about the good things and bad things about living in your town. Make a list. Compare your list with the class.

M y uncle's a shopkeeper. He has a shop in an old village by the River Thames near Oxford. The shop sells a lot of things bread, milk, fruit, vegetables, newspapers - almost everything! The children in the village always stop to spend a few pence on sweets or ice- 1 Find examples of the definite article the cream on their way home from school. My uncle doesn't often leave the village.

He hasn't 2 Find examples of when there is no article. He is one of the happiest men I know. She's accountant. I stay at. Does anything surprise you? What do you want to find out when you read the article? Write some questions. What is the best summary of the article? Nowy Swiat is the best shopping street in the world because What can't you download?

What isn't expensive? Language work Complete the sentences with different ideas from the article. In Nowy Swiat, there are a lot o f.

There isn't any There are some Think of clothes, food, cars Work in groups and choose the most famous three. What can you download there that's special? What do you like shopping for? What don't you like shopping for? A new survey shows that the most popular shopping street in the world is Nowy Swiat. Where's that? In Warsaw, Poland, of course. It is now possible to download almost everything in Warsaw. Not everything is expensive.

At the shop Pantera you can download leather goods - handbags, purses, coats, and belts. Cepelia specializes in folk art. There are also book shops and record means New World. An incredible goods.

They are good because shops.

New Headway - Intermediate Students book.pdf

And there are a lot of 14, Poles walk down this they are not mass produced for small boutiques that sell men's main street every hour. The Nowy Swiat has a lot of small too expensive. There shops, specialist shops, and chic If you're tired, stop at Cafe are statues, palaces, attractive shops. It hasn't got the huge Blikle.

This is a fashionable town houses, exclusive cafes, department stores that sell the place to meet. You'll find a and high-class restaurants. The same things everywhere. They If you want an exquisite hand- well-known Poles. The frozen look old, but in fact the whole made suit, Nowy Swiat is the yoghurt and ice-creams are city was rebuilt after World War II. It isn't cheap.

For doughnuts are delicious. There isn't any loud beautiful French baby clothes, It is possible to travel the world music, and there aren't many go to Petit Bateau. You will pay and find the same things for sale tourists.

But Warsaw is Polish shops have nothing to baby. At Desa, a famous unique - and they're in Nowy here. The world doesn't know antique shop, a desk costs Swiat. Write two things for each place. Compare your ideas with the class. Answer the questions. Choose from the places in exercise 1. Look at the tapescript on p64 and check your answers. I help me. I've got a bad B I , thanks. Can you?

You can take these three times a day. B I'm looking for a jumper A Thank you. Have you got. A I'll just have a look. B Sure.

B Medium. A Here you are. B That's great. The changing rooms are over there. Can I have a B I like it. B Espresso? B How much is it? A Yes, please. Oh, and a doughnut, please. B there aren't B OK. I We've got some delicious carrot cake, and A How would you like to pay? Carrot cake, then. B Certainly. A Yes, thanks. A Thank you.

Can you tell me B Over there. Middle shelf. Next to She. There are about five In your country, how much is Right now, I'd like to. I enjoy. Tonight I'm going to. I'd like to have my own business Look at the tapescript on p Put the verb go in the correct form. I want to go abroad. I can't I hope. I'm thinking of I like going to the cinema.

Make correct sentences with the other verbs. Grammar Reference 5. What are A's answers? Talking about you 3 Ask and answer the questions with a partner. Which countries How many children I'll answer it.

I'll lend you some. Before I haven't got any money. What's Ali doing next year? The phone's ringing. I've dropped one. What are you and Pete doing tonight? What are the lads doing this afternoon? After Thank you.

I'm expecting a call. I'll pay you back tomorrow.

I won't forget. Lucky her! Arsenal are playing at home. It's my birthday. Three intentions are spontaneous. Which are they? Three of the intentions are premeditated. What happened before each one? Everyone must help. Say what you'll do. Discussing grammar J Choose the correct verb form. Listen to the beginnings of 6 Talk to a partner about your plans for tonight, tomorrow, the conversations.

Complete them. I'm going to stay at home and I'm going to see I think I'll I give you my phone number. Growing up in [ ] drugs I [ ] violence in the streets n Hollywood, everybody wants to be rich, famous, [ ] they don't have enough money and beautiful. Nobody wants to be old, unknown, [ ] their parents don't give them enough attention and poor. For Hollywood kids, life can be difficult [ ] they worry about how they look because they grow up in such an unreal atmosphere. When every dream can come true, kids learn the value of nothing because they have everything.

A 2 Read the text about Hollywood kids. What are year-old boy, Trent Maguire, has a driver, credit cards, and some of their problems?

Are there any differences? Parents download care and attention for their children because Correct the false sentences. Often there is no parent at home most days, so children I 3 They understand the value of what they decide whether to make their own meals or go out to have. They 4 Trent Maguire is spoilt and ambitious. They play no childhood 5 The adults try hard to be good parents.

They become adults before they're ready. Will children around the world soon start to 8 Their parents organize every part of their think the same? Or do they already? If you're good-looking, you'll go far. I want to 4 Answer the questions. You grow up really fast in L. It's not cool to be a kid. Is there anything about their lives that you would like? It's their job to say that. In the bathroom there are mirrors everywhere. I love looking at myself. I can spend five hours doing my hair and posing.

I'm going to be a model. The choice of activities and materials makes the learning of English stimulating and motivating for both adult and young adult learners. The course combines the best of traditional methods with more recent approaches to help students use English accurately and fluently, and provides a fully comprehensive language teaching series from beginner to advanced.

New Headway Beginner is a new full-length foundation course in basic English for absolute beginners,or for those who have learned a little English but lack confidence to build on it. It provides a solid introduction to the structure of the language, gradually building students' understanding of basic grammar, equipping them with key vocabulary, and giving them skills to 1 with simple social situations.

New Headway Elementary can be used by both true and false beginners. New Headway Pre-Intermediate provides a syllabus progression from elementary to upper-intermediate level. It takes a structured approach to grammar. Grammatical structures are introduced in context, with questions that encourage students to work out the rules for themselves. A vocabulary syllabus concentrates on three key areas: Who makes jam?


How old is she? What does she look like? What does her fami ly think ofher? What is his company? Howald was he when he started it? What does his charity do? He has his own company, SuperJam, which he atarted when he was just His company makes jam - , jars every year - using a secret recipe from his grandmother. AM the major supermarkets sell his poducts.

The business is growing fast - four flavours at the me,mEmt, but more on the way. I'm writing a cookbook. I've got an idea for a TV programme. And we're trying to get into the American market. Find examples of both. Which refers to all time? Which refers to now? He makes alot of money. She's making another Single. He kas his own company She'shaving agood time. Is have got more formal or informal? More spoken or written? Grammar Rmrenct 1.

Ask and answer questions about Ruth and Fraser. Wkat does RIIftI do? Does she like being famous? What do her friends think ofher job? Complete the sentences. What does he like about his work? What does he say about friends and family? Complete the interviewer's lines. What are they talking about? How are the forms different? Ask and answer questions about these things. With a partne,r. State verbs 4 Some verbs don't usually take the Present Continuous.

Complete the sentences rith a verb in the Present Simple in the correct form. Where did you get it? I think he's very clever: I her. He a house in Mayfair. What's the matter? You don't look a day over 60! Check it S Tick. D Angela live with her parents. D Angela lives with her parents. D Where you go on holiday? D She no works here anymore. He waits for a bus. D He's at the bus stop.

He's waiting for a bus. S 0 I'm liking black coffee. D 1like black coffee. D I haven't got a phone. Match a Verb and a Phrase. Phrase play Ilib playiftg sa I like shopping in the High Street, but mainly I shop onf.. Indian, I think. I three times a week. What is your idea of a perfect day? Make notes. Talk about your perfect day. What are the people doing? Why are they happy? I What does happiness depend on? Do you agree? Write one of these beadings above each section. Whit do f OUthink!

Work in groups. Does the singer agree? Projtct Research lhe life of someone rich and famous in the news at the moment. Has fame and fortune brought them happiness? Bring information and pictures to class. TeU the others about your person. But you need to know yourself. What sort of person are you? What makes you happy? Do you know how to make yourself happier? If you can answer these questions, you can learn to change the way you think and beha And you can actually be happier.

It just need. Do the quiz and find out how happy you are. Iusually h a holiday at least once a year. Iget pleasure from lots ofdifferent things - art, nature. D Add up your score How I. Read the ideas. Do rou agree or disagree? A good neighbour is someone who Discuss fOur idOlS in small groups. Two neishbours 3 IIII! Read the- questions. Answer the questions. What doesn't he wear? What time does he get up? Where does she live? What's he doing now? Check rour answers in small groups.

How does he answer questions What differences are there? S In your groups.. Roleplay Work '';lh a partner. Roleplay a conversation between Alfie and Mrs Crumble where they actually get to know each other. A Hello. I'm Alfie. You're Mrs Crumble, aren't you? C Oh, Alfie, hello. I don't usually see you in the mornings Listen to the conversations between two students and two teachers. The teachers are trying to be friendly.

Which conversation is more successful? A 1 What alovely day it is today! They're new. It's avery interesting city. How does B keep the conversation going? Cover B, then A. Remember the extra lines. Keeping a conversation going S Work with a partner. Begin a conversation with one of these lines.

Keep the conversation going as long as possible. What's in the news? Whichare regular? Which are irregular? Write the questions. Uow far did Ed walk?

Practise the questions and answers with rour partner. Amazing journey ends after 6, miles Ed Stafford ' bWlm. S Read Cho's story. Who is Cho? Complete these sentences. I Coo was working in the forest when he Ask and answer them with your partner. Put the verb in brackets in the Past Simple or the Past Continuous. I was terrified. One bite and you're dead in 3 hours. His companion was Gadiel 'Cha' Sanchez be on their land. We 10 leave as fast as Rivera, a forestry worker from Peru.

Cho said, 'When I first met Ed, I was working in the forest. I thought he was crazy, but I wanted to help him and be his guide. I explained he was an adventurer and he was walking hammock last night hying to the site. They decided he was crazy, The Past Simple expresses acompleted action inthe past. Ed walked the site. Hebeean his journeyin Cho was working in the forest when he met Ed.

Compare these sentences.

Headway Pre Intermediate Books

I had ashower last night. Grammar Reftrtn t 3. Irregular verbs pISS Monkeys 12 saeam in the trees, and millions of mosquitos 13 buzz round my head. Go online and fmd out more about Ed.

New Headway Pre-Intermediate: Student's Book

Were your questions answered? What else did you learn? Tell the class. We stayedjn a hotel They stopped Listen and practise the sentences. Notice the pronunciation of was and were. What was she wearing? They weren't enjoyingthe party.

Discussinx grammar When we arrived, me WI5 making some coffee. When we arrived, she made some coffee. I read a good book in bed last night. I was reading a good book in bed last night. S Choose the correct verb form. Game - Truth or lies 6 Write one true and two false sentences about where you were, and what you were doing at these times. Tell a partner. Talking about the news 1 Look at these newspaper headings.

What do you think the stories are about? Read the article on page Tell your story to the others. DON'T read it!

The other students can ask questions. Which of these news topics interests you most? Do you listen to the radio? Which station? What is the first story about?

The second? Write a number Choose one of the news stories. What else do you want to know? Think of more questions. Write the questions on the board. S l1li Listen to the news stories. Which questions were answered? One student should write the exact words on the board. The other students help. That icn't how you spell ttI.. You Micsed out aword. Project c;: Do some research. In the next lesson, bring in pictures and articles. Tell the class about the story. Be prepared to answer questions.

What makes you lose your cool? What made him lose his cool? In groups, write some sentences about the story. Compare ideas. After each one, answer the questions and have a class discussion. Retell the story in more detail. What do you think? Why was it such big news for a week? Do you think he paid afine or went to prison? Look at the article on piSS for the answer. Do you thinkthis was fair?

How does the Steven Slater story illustrate this? Emergencyexit for flight attendant who lost his cool Flight attendant Steven Slater made an emergency exit from an Airbus after he had an argument widt a passenger. As the Airbus A was taxiing slowly on the runway, a passenger stood up to get her luggage. Mr Slater told her to sit down, but she refused The businesswoman was taking her case out ofthe overhead locker when it hit Mr Slater on the head. He started bleeding, and it was then that the flight attendant lost his temper.

He marched to the front ofthe cabin and spoke furiously over the plane's PA system, saying, 'That's enough! After 28 years in this business, I quit! Mr Slater then ran to his car and drove home.

Police arrested Mr Slater at his home a short time later. What did the female passenger do? How did he react? How did Steven Slater leave the plane? Was this a very important story?

Why do you think it was in the newspapers? Steven Slat Peopfe wrote how much they admired him. Including other cabin aaw. He could face up to How did they show their support?

Why did the public admire him? What did other cabin crew say? Folk hero Slater relaxes on the beach Ex-flight attendant Steven Slater spent the weekend relaxing on 1M beach. He was having a couple of beers and enjoying his new worldwide fame as the b lest American folk hem.

Yesterday supporters shouted. What actually happened on the beach? What did Steven Slater do to deserve being ca1led afolk hero?

Steven Slater thanks public Flight attendant Steven Slater. Slater has messages from millions of people all over the world. He said, 'I really appreciate this enormous support. JetSlue confirmed that Slater was still an employee, but suspended from duty. TV production company Stone Entertainment wants to give the flight attendant the chance to star in a program that shows unhappy workers how to leave their job. Underline the adverbs.

Match a verb in A Try to remember the sentences. Is this afast train to london? Slow down! You drive too bst! I sot up I worlc hord and play hord.

She's a very hard worker. Complete the lines with the adverbs. IcleM complete quiet good slow bad playa game well and win 2 playa game S forget something Word order S Correct the word order in these sentences.

She speaks very weUEnglish. I My grandma is 75, and she goes swimming. Heat it gently. When it is ready, serve the scrambled eggs with toast. They're on Facebook. My dad's on Facebook. When's your birthday?

What's your date of birth? What year were you born? DEI Listen and compare. Whirsthe date today? Practise saying these dates in two ways. What's the difference between British and American English? July 25 - ft's MY wtddi"9 ivusary. When did you last? Eat, drink, and be merry!

Conyou come for dinner? Expressions of quantity 1 Read about Claus and Elvira Bonrich. Who had the healthiest diet? For brMktad I, SOMa ur Do theycookany of their food? Claus Bonrich 33 and his wife Elvira 28 all! Claus 15 a software programmer and Elvira works in a health food shop.

In many ways their lifo! They want to live until they all! And they believe they can do this by following an American health pian called the'Calorie Restriction Diet: Claus and Elvira eat a lot of raw food. They steam some food but they don't fry, grill, or roast anything. Which group can you count? Which can't you count? Label the nouns Countable and Uncountable. Read and complete the questions and answers about the diet with the nouns from exercise 2. A No, we don't eat any at all.

A Yes, ofcourse, we eat lots of raw 5 Q Don't you cook any vegetables at all? A We cook some. Sometimes we steam a few and a little 6 Q And what do you drink? A About 1, A That's about 1, fewer than most people. Practise the questions and answers with your partner.

Which group go wTth plural countable nouns? Which go wTth uncountables? Which go wTth both? A S C How much? When do we use them? Correct the senteoca. There are fffiIfl ' books in my bag.

X There', I 1 look at these sentences. Is there any orange juke? Can Ihave some orange juke? Do you think the Bonrichs eat and drink the things in the box? Discuss with your partner and complete the lists. Listen and find out if your ideas were correct. Will the Bonrichs live to be l20?

Just halfa dozen. Two or three. He's a millionaire. I met who knows you! There's in my eye! I cou1dn't find I liked: Practise them with a partner. S l1li Listen. There is a word missing in each sentence. Call out what it is.

Say the complete sentence. How old were they? Why do you think they lived so long? My grandfather lived until he was years old. He was a shopkeeper. He had afish and chip shop in an old village near a big, industrial town in the north of England. He had a son and a daughter. The daughter is my mother. The family lived above the shop. In those days, fish and chips was the most popular dish in the whole country. My grandfather made the best fish and chips in the area.

People came to the village by bus especially to get them. Everybody loved my grandfather because he was such a happy and contented man. He worked hard, but once a week he closed the shop and went to have lunch not fish and chips! He didn't retire until he was 78 years old. He said that the secret to a long life was a glass of whisky before going to bed and lots offish and chips.

Read the rules in Grammar Rriff'ffKf 4. Find some examples of these rules inthe text. My ptdf.

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